Academy Mortgage

Academy Mortgage believes that the American Dream is built on the foundation of sustainable homeownership. We recognize that what we do has a noble purpose and that our business exists to make this dream a reality for as many people as possible. We see it as our privilege to be part of such an important milestone in our customers' lives and truly seek to inspire hope and build prosperity in the families and communities that we serve. Academy is also committed to enriching the lives of its employees and has created a rich, unique, and family-based culture. Indeed, in what many Academy employees identify as the penultimate experience for themselves and their families, and in an effort to better the communities in which we live and the larger global community, Academy actively participates in service-based projects both at home and abroad. We complete these projects through partnerships with housing-related nonprofits; local service projects to benefit the homeless, children, veterans and other disadvantaged groups; and via our biennial service expeditions to far-flung communities around the world who have few resources and are in dire need of the most basic necessities like running and/or clean water, shelter and education.

Consumer Information:
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