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Industry Partners Conference 2017 -- SOLD OUT


The Road to Closing: Situations, Scenarios, and Solutions     [click for flyer]

This year’s transaction topics include situations and solution best practices on issues such as:
• Can the seller cancel if earnest money is not deposited immediately?
• Is a cash buyer supposed to attach a letter of credit or source of funds to the contract?
• If a buyer does not pay the required funds by COE are they in breach?
• If a seller owns the solar system is it to convey with the property?
• How does removing the word prepaid from seller concessions change things?
• What happens to the earnest money if the buyer is denied a loan that is not described in the PQF or LSU?
• Can a escrow company ask for a loan denial from the lender to make their earnest money decision?
• Does a seller have to pay the HOA disclosure fee or is it negotiable?
• Since seller warranties were removed from the BINSR is the seller obligated to disclose all material latent defects?
• When does the buyer need to determine the cost and availability homeowner’s insurance?
• If a buyer cancels the Contract based on the BINSR, but fails to disapprove any items that are allowable, does the seller get the earnest money?
• What are potential issues if a Contract contains an escalation clause?

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